Hi, this is Max Reiniger's website.


Max Reiniger works as a freelance author and theatre maker. In his work, he is interested in contemporary conceptions of reality, reference to reality as an artistic strategy and the special aesthetic conditions of the real. Theoretical-critical reflection is part of his theatre practice.
In various contexts, he is involved as a performer, dramaturge and organiser in projects of the independent performing arts and develops his own productions. The project "You Know The Feeling" (Blomen/Moré/Reiniger) premiered at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin on the 22.09.2023.
He writes theatre texts, publishes on theatre festivals and, together with Julia Buchberger and Patrick Kohn, forms the Arbeitsgruppe für institutionsästhetische Forschung und Praxis.

hallo [at] maxreiniger.de